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The Lombard Rally 2007 Book

The original Lombard rally was the toughest event of its kind, and became infamous in the rallying world for its test of man and machine.

The Lombard Rally today is equally as tough and the 2007 event saw the longest day of rallying in Britain - 18 hours and more! The format is simple - 1400cc cars with minimum modifications; this truly is an endurance event, depriving participants of regular food and sleep for 4 days!

Those who take part range from the most famous rally driver in the USA ever, to regular road and stage participants, through to many who have never rallied before.

These are their stories - of the ups and downs, the offs, the breakdowns, the ingenuity in solving problems to keep going against all odds to the end, and all those who make up the "roving" community which for 4 days in November is... The Lombard Rally.

With a foreword by Tony Mason, unarguably the UK's most famous co-driver and Lombard commentator, this book will make you want to take up the challenge and enter an endurance rally yourself!

This book has been written by Lindsey Annison, who competed in her first ever rally on the Lombard 2007 with driver Dave Wright in a VW Golf Diesel.

The book includes the history of the Lombard Rally Revival, results and stories from previous Lombard Rally winners, details of the organising team, the marshalls, the support crews, Treehouse (the nominated charity of the Lombard Rally), photos of all the crews, and tales from many of the participants.

Full colour, 145 pages.



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