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Annual maggot race  
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Annual Maggot Race

Next race meeting October 8th 2011

the maggot race track

Ladies enjoy a day at the races...

Ladies Day at Maggot Races

 Olivers maggot wins...

As usual footage of the event is shown via CCtv in the snug.

The winners:2009

Race 1: Lightening strike

Race 2: Cabbage

Race 3: Hot Potato

Race 4: Banana

Race 5: Landlady

Race 6: Mucky Evening

Grand National won by Banana

no 2 maggot wins

If any of you have not seen this spectacular form of entertainment, let me explain. It is run exactly as the Race nights most of you will have seen, except we run real racing maggots, all highly trained by myself (the chief trainer at Decay Farm) & Chris Wright the other one.

They are ridden out each morning by Dawn Irvine our local maggot jockey. (who until recently had been putting up 10 lbs overweight)

Each ticket bought from the tote is 20p, and they represent a maggot from the trap chosen. Monies taken from each race are returned as prize money after a small percentage is taken out for prizes and tonight's chosen local charity. Details of proceeds will be announced at the end of the evening.


The Tote aka Dawn 'n Chris

Many thanks to all who participated and sponsored.

A very special thanks go to all Race sponsors

  • The George & Dragon, Wray
  • Wray Post Office
  • Videotec Ltd & Zoom cctv
  • JJPlanting
  • Silver Tree
  • Village Tea Rooms
  • Dick Stephenson woodyard
  • Norman and Christine Drinkall
  • Bob and Carol Emett
  • Ex New Inn Gang


last year's winning maggots

2007 Maggot Racing held at the George and Dragon March 31st at the Dragon raised £1027 for the air ambulance

2008 Maggot Race also at the Dragon raised over £1400  for air ambulance