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Wray Endowed School Trustees

Wray Endowed is an unusual primary school in North Lancashire, as it is not a church school , though it enjoys excellent relationships with both the Parish Church and the Methodist Chapel. Nor is it a Community Primary School though it is managed and funded by the local authority. It has had a Board of Trustees ever since 1684 under Richard Pooley’s will.

The Trustees own the school buildings and hold monies which they invest for the benefit of the pupils of the school. These days this mainly takes the form of a grant (currently £150) to every child who leaves for the secondary school, provided that they have been at Wray School for at least two years. There are also funds established in the name of EG Smith which currently award £100 to every young person who has received the first grant, if and when they complete the first year of a degree course at a college or university. The Trustees can with the permission of the Charity Commissioners use capital when it is really needed, and under this heading they supported the building of the additional two classrooms to the tune of £10,000. They were opened on 01 February 2002.

The old instrument of trusteeship dated from 1884 (the second date over the school door) and was hopelessly out of date, since for instance it assumed that the Trustees were also the ‘School Managers’, and could hire and fire staff and dictate the curriculum.

The present Board of Trustees are a Charity registered by the Charity commission and act under an instrument of government established with the Charity Commissioner. A copy is kept by the School office for public inspection.

There are six Trustees: two representing the ratepayers of Wray, one each representing the ratepayers of Roeburndale, the Parish Church, the Methodist Chapel, and the School. In addition the Board can co-opt two other members. Each trustee holds office for five years.

The current board consists of the following people:

Anne-Marie Carruthers– Wray Ratepayer- June 2024

Robert Partingon – Wray Ratepayer - June 2024

Margaret Wright– Roeburndale Ratepayer - September 2023

Peter Edge – Holy Trinity Parish Church - June 2020

Peter Gorst – Wray Chapel - June 2023

Jo Mugford -  School Govenor rep - Feb 2025

Barry Taylor – Co-opted - June 2024

Ray Lowis – Co-opted - June 2024

Jill Harpley, Clerk

Peter Gorst


Trustees of Wray Endowed School

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Publications about the village:
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The Wray Flood of 1967 - memories of a Lune Valley Community A book written by a local historian with information from local residents

Wray and District Remembered by David Kenyon
David's phone number is 015242 21668
Please write to:
David Kenyon, Kenmoor, School Lane, Wray, Lancaster. LA2 8QE
The book costs £15 plus p&p

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Tatham and Wray census 1841-1901 thanks Richard
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