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The Our Travel Project 2010

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March 2008-2010

Wray is now a Living Lab

Lancaster University researchers are working in collaboration with partners across Europe (including the BBC and Pioneer) to develop and trial a peer-to-peer system that can deliver a wide range of television programmes over the Internet to a TV using a Set Top Box. University researchers initially have a keen interest in understanding how networks such as ADSL and the Wray Wireless Network are able to support future TV based services and crucially how people currently watch TV across the currently available platforms. We would kindly like a few moments of your time to complete a short questionnaire relating to TV viewing habits. This is also a unique opportunity for you to join the short-list for early access to a trial (scheduled for 2009) which will offer a wide range of Internet based TV services.

We would appreciate your time to complete the short questionnaire which can be found at:

If you wish to learn more about the project, read the recent BBC News Article - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7259339.stm
or visit the project website www.p2p-next.org

The Security focus group inital meeting Friday March 14th 2008 at the Tea rooms. All welcome.

September 2008

We're very grateful for your support on the Big Red Button project and would like to thank you for all the submissions we've had so far. The good news is that we've entered all those who submitted screenshots into a raffle for a new iPod Nano:


If you haven't taken part in the Big Red Button project, then now is your chance, submit a screenshot, provide your contact details and you'll also be entered into a raffle* for a chance to win a new iPod Nano.

The Big Red Button can be downloaded here:


Why should I use the Big Red Button?

- We'll respond to the screenshots you submit to us which will help you address any security concerns you may have
- It'll help to improve the security and privacy of the Wray Wireless Mesh Network
- You have a chance to win an iPod Nano

Questions? Email bigredbutton @comp.lancs.ac.uk

*Entry to the iPod Nano prize draw is based on your first submission only. Subsequent submissions do not increase your chances of winning.
See http://bigredbutton.lancs.ac.uk for more information.


We have two projects running at the moment, one is the digital noticeboard in the post office. On the board you can look through photographs of the village and the activities, from weddings to scarecrows and maggot races and archives of very old photos. The second project started in April and is called Locoblog. It is great fun, as people use mobile phones to publish photos to google maps.

If you would like more information on these projects, please click on the links.

Hermes Photo Gallery this is a screenshot of the noticeboard, with login links for you to upload photos. It is situated in the post office, and has photos of village weddings, scarecrows, flood pictures etc. You can upload photos to it from the weblink, (you will have to register first) or download them to your mobile phone if you are in the shop.  Early in August we found out that the project has been awarded microsoft funding to enable Nick to do a PhD with it, so it should be very interesting to see how it all progresses and what use is made of it in the village. A survey has been set up online where you can tick boxes to show how you use it and what you think of it. Click here to go to the survey.

The link to the university page with full information is here The univeristy had a display on the field on fair day and visitors were very interested in what the villagers have put on to it whilst the project has been running in the institute and post office. There are now hundreds of photos stored digitally for future generations to enjoy.

Locoblog  Locoblog is a project to use the wifi mesh in the village and mobile phones to blog photos taken in the area and upload them to a google map page. This then time and date stamps the pictures and shows you exactly where you were stood in the village when you took the shot. We hope to have an interactive display in the tent on the field at wray fair, 7th May 2007.

On Wray Fair day the university had a display and gave out mobile phones for people to use - the results are here on a new page - the locomash


November 2011

The B4RN project is now Go

Click here for their website

Feb 2010

Digital noticeboard updated with news section
login to view click here

April 2009
Winner of the Big  red button Ipod was Brenda Mickle

brenda, ipod, lancaster university, broadband, wifi, village, bigredbutton

Hermes Project - the digital noticeboard in the post office

August 2007 board interface updated to make it possible to add comments to the photos. Please use the touchscreen keyboard or login and add comments from your computer at home.

2008 board updated to accept videos

2009 Epostcard facility added

login here »

add photo

Noticeboard updated in August, web interface much clearer now and easy to use

Thank you to everyone who took the survey and let the university know if you like the new board

All the points raised at the meeting in May have now been implemented.

Meeting held on Thursday 24th May

The University team met villagers and contributors to the noticeboard to find out how they are using the board and what improvements/tweaks or changes they would like to see. They also visited the school and talked to the children and teachers.

One of the improvements requested was a click on button on the home page of the village site, and also one here, so here it is:

add photo button

Clicking on it will take you to the web page where you can register and where you can add photos to the albums on the display in the post office

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